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Hoberg’s Historical Association, Corp., a private non-profit organization founded in 2016, is dedicated to the study and appreciation of all aspects of the history of Hoberg’s Resort, through educational programs, research, archaeological projects, preservation advocacy and the collection and preservation of fine arts, decorative arts, archaeological objects, printed and manuscript materials and maps, and historic artifacts related to the heritage of Hoberg’s Resort.

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The audience served by the Association’s programs includes residents, school and college students and visitors to the community, businesses and governmental agencies in the area, members of the Association, scholars of the history and pre-history of the local community, scholars of American history, art historians and the general public.

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HHA is developing an eco-education center that will chronicle the devastation from the High Valley and the other summer fires of 2015 that ravaged Lake County (Rocky and Jerusalem Fires).

The Eco Center will honor brave firefighters who battled the third worst wildfire in the State of California’s history.  Re-forestation, erosion control, and fire-proof building material exhibits will be featured.

A conference center will allow firefighters, forest ecologists, arborists,  wildlife supporters, and permaculture experts to provide education and use a real world example of Hoberg’s Resort in the recovery of pine forests from wildfire decimation.

Exhibits will also be family friendly with special emphasis on attractions to educate children in forest ecology.

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The purposes of the organization are:

(1) to collect and preserve artifacts, objects, publications, photographs and other documentary materials related to local, ethnic and family history; prior to and after the Hoberg’s family settlement

(2) to disseminate information about the history of the community through exhibits, educational programs and publications based on the Association’s collections

(3) to maintain a research library of past and current literature on the history of the resort

(4) to encourage the preservation of the archaeological, historical, and architectural heritage of Hoberg’s Resort.

(5) to educate, mentor and inspire locals and visitors about ecological impacts and best practices to sustain the natural environment.