Gustav and Mathilda Hoberg homesteaded the Hoberg’s property in 1885 and lived there with their five children.

The hotel business was started a few years later when travelers would reach the Hoberg’s ranch, stop over to rest their horses and enjoy a bountiful home-cooked meal.

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The Hoberg’s reputation for hospitality spread and more and more people intentionally came to visit. Eventually, they came to vacation.

By 1888, millionaires and celebrities were frequenting Hoberg’s, including the infamous actress and royal paramour, Lillie Langtry. Later, standing governors of California, the San Francisco 49ers, Jackie Gleason and movie stars stayed at the resort. Even the outlaw Black Bart is rumored to have stayed at the Hoberg’s family ranch.

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The resort, from its humble beginnings grew and prospered, and each year a number of guests were turned away due to lack of facilities.

A bowling alley, swimming pool and social hall were erected where guests could dance to a three piece orchestra.

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