In September of 2015, a wildfire started that would burn for months and eventually consume over 76,000 acres of the mountainous and lush environment in south Lake County, CA. many landmarks and historic buildings were destroyed as the flames forged their path through the wilderness, including Hoberg’s Resort.


Immediately following the news that the property and all of the work that had been done was completely burned to the ground, management took a moment to grieve the loss of the legendary property that had built so much history and given so many people fond memories. However, the team quickly returned to the drawing board; Hoberg’s would not be lost to the world.


Since the days of the fires the HHA team has begun the property’s clean-up process, starting with the cleanup of the grounds and the salvation of lumber from the dying trees that were irreversibly impacted by the fires to use as materials for rebuilding. The non-profit organization has been designing plans to develop an Eco center and a Museum on the property. Plans for these and other things to come will be updated on this website periodically.


But, like all victims of the fire, the management of Hoberg’s depends on their friends and the community for help with the project.